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Jay Barrett
January 19, 2024

Had to tow out a busted up fed ex box van the team made it painless very helpful and friendly!

December 15, 2022

Definitely 100% recommend mike, Jason and Richard!!!! So my car broke down on the side of the highway on my way to work at 4:30 am I left my car there an the police had it towed by them I called and he told me what I needed, where the location was to pick it up and they close at 5 also mike figured out what was wrong with my car and they helped me get it ruining again. These guys are wonderful definitely call them! And it was veryyyyyy affordable.

Lisa Miller
December 4, 2022

Mike, John and Brandon were a pleasure to deal with. They were understanding and compassionate. Thank you.

Oliver Ferrari
November 1, 2022

I am a 19 year old college kid who spent all of his money buying a truck to start a landscaping business. 3 months later... someone totaled my truck. I soon found out I didn't have the correct collision coverage on my vehicle and insurance refused to pay. My dream of being a business owner felt over. After numerous calls with Roadside, Mike helped me navigate insurance receiving $2,000+ that otherwise wouldn't be there without him. He then worked with me to get the salvage value out of the vehicle. Obviously it's a huge setback, however without his help I don't think I would still be in business. I hope that years down the road, as I grow my business, that I remember the help and graciousness of Roadside and those who work here. Thank you.

Richard Connors
October 24, 2022

Hands down best company I’ve ever worked for

M. Kelly
October 19, 2022

I am forever grateful for the fantastic service I received. I am from 2 hours north of Newton and was in town for an appointment at the hospital. I ended up having to drive my husband’s truck and didn’t take into account that the racks may not clear the parking garage. Long story short, I was 2 hours from home, alone, and stuck inside a parking garage. Not only did they come out faster than expected but the two gentlemen were so nice and understanding. I was clearly mortified! Thank you so much for making a horrible, stressful and embarrassing situation all okay. If you need help call Roadside Rescue!!!

Katelyn Harrington
August 18, 2022

After breaking down in Needham I contacted this tow company. From start to finish the customer service was impeccable. Your dispatcher on the phone to your driver Joey. Breaking down is stressful in itself. Thank you for providing such a great service and to your employees who go the extra mile. It’s much appreciated.

Ellen Hart
June 27, 2022

Roadside Rescue and Transport came to my rescue when I was involved in an accident on 95. They were quick, professional and made the whole process as seamless as possible during a difficult time. After my car was taken to their lot they worked with me through a difficult insurance situation providing tips and advice that helped me as I navigated the process. I cannot recommend them (especially Mike Sr.) more highly. They took personal interest in making sure that my vehicle was moved back to my home state and kept me updated throughout the process. They were wonderful and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Whitney Norby
May 7, 2022

We had a great experience with Roadside Rescue. Our vehicle was towed here after an accident. I was so pleasantly surprised with personalized, helpful service. Mike took time to speak to me, giving me tips and information regarding my auto insurance claim. I had no idea that a towing company could be so great to work with- and they helped us during a difficult time. I highly recommend this company!

Bella Piso
April 16, 2022

I would like to start by saying that I HIGHLY recommend this company. Recently, I got in a very scary accident on 128 when a ladder fell off a passing truck and hit my car. I wasn't hurt, but I was very shaken up and scared. The reporting officer was extremely unhelpful, but the Roadside Rescue towing service and Mike Jr made my experience so much better. He helped me into the truck, kept me appraised of the situation with my vehicle, helped calm me down, and made sure to explain every step of the process. He even waited with me while my mom came to pick me up and updated her on the situation as well. He was very professional as well as kind and understanding. He even called the next morning to update my mom and I and to check in. Thank you guys so much!

Bob DeLuca
December 31, 2021

I have never dealt with more fair and kind individuals in this industry than Roadside Rescue and Transportation. My life's experience with Tow companies is the complete opposite of what I dealt with working with Mike Sr, Mike Jr and company. They towed my Mother's vehicle after a serious accident and they were not only kind to her on the day of the accident but they avoided gouging or overcharging at any time. This is the first time I've ever written a Google review but there is no scenario where I would not recommend this company.

Samuel Beaucejour
October 15, 2021

Joshua was very helpful and did not give up until the problem was solved . On top of that he got to my address very quickly. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to come help me . Good guy all around 💯

Kathi Wolff
September 13, 2021

Mike Sr. took excellent care of me and my daughter. We are new to Newton and didn’t know who to call or trust when our car battery died while out at a dr. appointment. Mike showed up within minutes and made us feel at ease right away. High recommend this service. Thank you, Mike Sr.

Lauren Kagy
June 10, 2021

Blew out a tire on 95 north. Mike from your company picked me up. Made a terrible situation much better. He was very knowledgeable, friendly. And a pleasure to work with. He worked with me every step of the way. Would highly recommend.

Pst Orbon
February 12, 2021

They were very friendly and helpful. That had my car all ready pulled up front for me. Very happy with them

Amy Coccia
January 21, 2021

Roadside Rescue was professional, efficient, friendly, and very easy to deal with when my car was towed after an accident. I would highly recommend using them for any towing service needed or if you just need friendly advise when dealing with insurance companies. Hopefully I won't need them for an emergency again, but if I do, I know they'll be there!

Adam Sheehy
September 25, 2020

Driving a modified car which is very low to the ground, I've inevitably had every tow job end up scraping up the front or rear a bit when loading it. Mike came out to take my car to a distant dealership and was the first person ever to get the car loaded without scraping anywhere. He was incredibly delicate, observant and did an excellent job all around and has made me a customer for life!

Chip Bergstrom
September 4, 2020

Shout out to Roadside Rescue and one of their drivers, Bacon, who saved my hide on the side of Rte.9! I highly recommend this outfit. Professional and on time!

Jim Cote
March 5, 2020

Great service

Kerry O'Sullivan
January 23, 2020

My family has been going through a very difficult situation and we needed to take my mother's car away for safety reasons. I contacted Roadside Rescue and Transport, Inc for some help. Mike, the owner completely understood the situation and came out and towed the car and went above and beyond what we expected. His kindness and generosity was unbelievable and so needed. To take all of that time to help a family because he understood what we were going through, was so amazing. I will only recommend Roadside Rescue and Transport to everyone who needs a tow. Thank you so much Mike!

Carla Kopikis
January 14, 2020

My car battery died tonight, and I called AAA; before AAA could make it, a very kind gentleman from Roadside Rescue in Needham stopped and helped me jump start my car battery. I was out of there in minutes. Very grateful for his kindness!

Paul Raimondo
January 5, 2020

prompt, professional and extremely helpful!

Jose Cardoso
December 25, 2019

If you ever need a tow company for assistance this is the place to call. Very professional and polite company.

Shawn Cunningham
November 28, 2019

Great company & people that work here. They went above & beyond what I expected from a tow place. I would highly recommend them if u need tow service

Jessica Balurdi
November 24, 2019

I cannot recommend them highly enough!! I had a horrible accident an hour from home where a tractor trailer cut off a car sending them into my path and totalling my vehicle. The owner Mike himself showed up shortly after the police and didn't just tow my car - he took care of me first! I wasn't hurt but I was clearly distressed, and I'd never been in such a situation, so I was freaked out AND clueless. He made sure I wasn't harmed, got me bundled into his cab to get me out of the rain and cold, talked me through everything he had to do with my car and even walked me into the waiting room and settled me in once we got to the lot. Even just trying to climb in and out of the tow cab, he made sure to stand close so I could physically lean on him as needed (bad knees - can't climb lol) and made sure to spot me getting out so I wouldn't fall down. Then during the ride back, he walked me through everything that would happen with the insurance, including warning me about not giving into pressure from the insurance over settling the claim and offered to help with the insurance in any way he could at NO EXTRA CHARGE (which I ended up taking him up on later, it was a huge help to have someone in my corner during the claim process with knowledge of the process and how to get a fair settlement). And that's just Mike! The whole team there went out of their way to help me, the day of and for a week after my accident. What was a terrifying morning for me turned into just a blip on my schedule because of them. Wonderful, wonderful people running a great company!

Dan Rubin
June 17, 2019

Amazing service - from beginning to end. I was truly impressed by every aspect of my experience. From the initial call to the roadside tow, to the call back at 9:30pm to tell me they left the keys in the slot at the garage the car was towed to. Well done!

Michael Kulis
March 14, 2019

Great service 24/7. Roadside has the equipment to handle any lifting problem

Helen Atkinson
February 15, 2019

Great service with awesome people who run this business! If you need help they are just a phone call away .👍

Queen Brown
January 20, 2019

Everyone was friendly and the services provided were excellent.

Doug Stein
December 2, 2018

I called roadside on Monday the 19th, my truck lost oil pressure on 109 in Medfield which is outside of there normal area. When I called Mike the owner quickly dispatched a driver who was there in no time. Fast and quality work and clean and capable equipment. Thanks so much for the lift 💯👍

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